About us

About us

About UMA Restaurant

Calling the restaurant “Umā” comes from the idea of gourmet cuisine without borders, a restaurant where the customer can experience traveling through food. The word Umā has many meanings, such as delicious, appetizing, intelligent and joy.

The Umā restaurant is rooted in these values which represent the working philosophy of all the team members who have different backgrounds, both in the dining room and in the kitchen. They have taken us to different countries and cities, enriching us with different cultures and gastronomic knowledge.

The concept behind our cuisine is based on a BISTRONOMIC model or BISTRONOMY, a concept that defines the fusion between a bistro, that classic cuisine of good products, and a gastronomy in which we allow ourselves to apply current and avant-garde techniques to make a more personal culinary experience.

One of the pillars of our restaurant is the good quality of the product that we try to source from local producers using short circuits.


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